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The Albatross DGPT MPO Pre-season rankings for the 2023 tour

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Let's tee off ๐Ÿฅ

The Albatross 2023 Pre-Season Rankings

We just released our 2023 pre-season rankings for the MPO field.

In our post, I share details and who will raise to the top. But here's my top 10 overall for those who don't want to read all that ๐Ÿ˜†

  1. Ricky Wysocki

  2. Paul McBeth

  3. Gannon Buhr

  4. Eagle McMahon

  5. Calvin Heimburg

  6. Chris Dickerson

  7. Simon Lizotte

  8. Kyle Klien

  9. Isaac Robinson

  10. Drew Gibson

You can read my thoughts behind why I ranked these guys in the top 10 and who I think are contenders. I'd love to hear your top 10 or where you think I'm wrong.

What content is trending this week?

Ricky is about to announce another sponsor ๐Ÿ‘€ My guess is he's got a clothing brand linked up

Links to skim

  • The 2022 US distance champions Ella Hansen and David Wiggins. This just reminds me I'm a noodle arm. Check out their interview on the Trevor Staub show

  • GK pro - Straddle the Brazos (final round coverage from last year at WACO)

    • Love to see some less-known people get coverage. Especially the raza!

  • Speaking of David Wiggins. Everyone talks about putting. But remember driving 500+ feet is a big advantage. Especially for us amateurs. Drive for dough

  • Check out Simons bag development (two weeks in). Watch the latest from his YT channel

  • I'm going to write more about this in a coming blog. Cause one of my goals in the next 12-18 months is to get some land to build my own private disc golf course. I found this on Twitter and I was amazed. It's dope to see! You have to check this out!

  • Vermonts best kept secret explored by the crush boy, Simon himself

  • Foundation is one the leading media companies (imo and if you think otherwise - youโ€™re wrong)

    • These guys are building a special brand and (have) become some of disc golfs biggest names (Hunter, Trevor). But a lot goes behind the scenes and it was awesome to hear โ€˜behind the business scenesโ€™ with Brad.

  • Have you been wanting to check out a GK Pro skins match? Here is your opportunity

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Here is a great blog post to send to your buddies who are just getting started or back into the game. It took me awhile to understand the two. This guide will make it easier.

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